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Friday, 7 May 2010

friday is my day!

hello my little cherry blossoms!
don't you just love welcoming the weekend?
and ohhh what a fab weekend this one will be!
On Saturday I'm going to my boyfriend's friend's birthday party, and its going to be
pretty wild!
As much as i love parties, its the 3 days of deciding what to wear that I hate! I have soooo many clothes, yet i convince myself i have nothing to wear?
However seen as though I'm worrying so much, my boyfriend is giving me £50 to buy something new! So i had a little search around and found this? what do you guy's think?

please do tell me what you think, i'm soooo stuck! i REALLY need your help! -xo


  1. ooooh they would look gorgeous together Jade, them shoes are sexy xxxx

  2. You have a good boyfriend! Yum yes, like the dress and shoes together a lot, very clean but sexy :) Oh and I see you're from Yorkshire? I'm moving over from Ireland to go to University of York in October... never been there, just went with my gut feeling lmao =P what's it like darling? Xoxox

  3. sorry I didn't get back to you!
    I love everything about Yorkshire, providing you're in the right place that is! some parts are rough some are nice, but in York, you'l be fine, I've visited a few times, and the people couldn't be more friendly! good luck with the move lovely -xo

  4. i really like these shoes!