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Thursday, 1 April 2010

My Oh My What A Random Day..

things are really picking up for me, I'm back on track with my boyfriend, and to be honest, things are a lot better than before! Today was eventful. My boyfriend and his friend came round for me, which was cool because Zak (the friend) also happens to be one of my good friends too. We took a walk down to the dam near my house, where we sat
peacefully on the stepping stones in the middle of them water fall, it felt like something off a movie. The sun was shining, and i was with two of my favourite people, what could have been any better? Then came the rain. My beautifully styled hair (of which i was proud of) went curly, and all my body went numb. It was time for home. Me and my boyfriend went back to my house and eat practically everything we could find and watched lots of 'family guy'. I love random days!
During my posts I'll probably explain what I've been wearing that day, I may even add photos if possible.
Today I wore:
Black studded Topshop dress
High waisted denim shorts
Patterned tights
My beautiful studded leather jacket
Piece of orange scarf in my hair (which i also used a piece for my belt to tie in)
And my beautiful worn down military boots.
I had a lot of compliments today, which was unusual, but i liked feeling good.


  1. Hey Jade welcome to the world of blogging, im new to this too, and a tarn bird :P so just thought id say hello, sounded like a lovely outfit for a lovely day, shame it rained but whats new hey, roll on the true summer!


  2. sounds like you a wonderful day, lucky thing.

    love, jazzabelle. x